There is no doubt that deer hunting season is an important time of the year for many students at Potosi High School, and also many people in the surrounding community, but the season just happens to fall right in the middle of the school year. This brings up the issue of whether it is okay for students to have excused days off during the school week to go hunting. Currently, the school district allows excused days off to hunt, but is it the best idea?  

 Students as well as staff have different ideas as to what their opinion on the topic is; there are some students who are for it, while others are against the idea of getting excused days off to hunt. “I think it's an excuse to get out of school; education should come before a hobby,“ said Dayton Udelhoffen. 

 Personal belief plays a large part in some of the responses to the questions; the opinions differ between students who hunt and students who don't hunt. This just goes to show the diversity and different beliefs among students when it comes to hunting. 

Cooper Emler said a big factor as to whether or not he's going to take days off school include the weather, if he's seen any deer activity, and also what the current school and homework situation is. This is suggesting that if Cooper knows that there won't be too much homework, he is more likely to take days off to deer hunt

Another perspective on the topic is teachers' thoughts and beliefs. I asked Mrs. Hutchcroft for her thoughts on the topic. Her response was: “I think that you have your allowed days off, and you can choose what they are used for.'' Teachers play a huge role by putting homework assignments online for students missing school to hunt; this allows students to do homework or know what is being assigned for the time they plan on being absent.

Deer hunting has been a large part of my life and is a time of the year that I look forward to, but the worry of getting behind and missing assignments is always a constant factor in the back of my mind. Deer hunting has been and always will be a big part of my life. I keep my homework caught up for the days I missed by just doing it at night when I can't hunt or during mid-day when I go in for lunch.