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Potosi SD

Potosi SD, about 4 hours ago

Staff were busy these past couple of weeks getting work ready and connecting with students. They even had staff meetings to check in with each other. #PotosiPride view image

Potosi SD

Potosi SD, about 10 hours ago

How about a dress-up week to add some fun next week? Start digging into those closets, and let us see your school spirit!!! #PotosiPride view image

Tracy Brunton

Tracy Brunton, 2 days ago

The Potosi FFA apparel order has been extended until this Sunday - Support the Potosi FFA and order some awesome gear while you can!

Potosi SD

Potosi SD, 5 days ago

Grab & Go breakfasts & lunches will be in the lobby today! 11-1 and 3:30-5:30 #ACommunityOfCharacter view image

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