Mrs. Hutchcroft at Homecoming

Mrs. Hutchcroft is a special teacher here at Potosi High School. She has had an impact on so many different kids and in so many different ways. Mrs. Hutchcroft loves where she is right now. Mrs. Hutchcroft says, “I have now been teaching long enough that I am teaching children of former students.” It is amazing to have been at the same school long enough that you are teaching former students' children, along with the fact that she still loves where she is. The community that we live in is so special and supports our school so much. Hutchcroft says, “This community is pretty unique; I don't know if I would have done this somewhere else.” 

Mrs. Hutchcroft has been at our school for 22 or 23 years. It's nice to know that we have a teacher with a lot of experience. She says, “I think that I am a way better teacher than I used to be, and I think you get better every year.” Mrs. Hutchcroft has been through many changes here, from moving rooms to the new floors in the rooms. One of the major changes that she has been through was the addition of the new auditorium. She has also experienced many changes herself, working in administration and testing, running all of the summer school programs, and directing plays and musicals. Hutchcroft says, “I have seen a lot of nooks and crannies of this school.” It's not easy to change jobs and have to learn how to do things all over again, but she has done it, and it shows how special and talented she is. 

There are so many different memories that Mrs. Hutchcroft has created here, ranging from the classroom all the way to kids that have graduated and sent her cards or have come back to see her. Some of Mrs. Hutchcroft’s favorite memories include the little silly things that happen in the classroom, all of the projects, when the kids all of the sudden get it, and dress-up days. Hutchcroft says, “One of my favorite memories is when kids get to be silly and I get to be silly with them; it makes me feel young at heart.” 

There are many different things that Mrs. Hutchcroft misses as she has been through all of these changes. One of the many things that she misses is the people through the years. Hutchcroft says, “People come and go, and you always miss people, but you keep moving forward and make new progress.” She also states, “Change is always hard but it usually leads to good things.” She also has changes that she really likes, such as the new flooring in her room. She loves all of the new aesthetic changes, such as the new tables in the cafeteria. She says, “All of these changes make me feel like we are going to be here for a while.” Mrs. Hutchcroft really is an important person here at Potosi, and if we didn't have her here, it would feel like a completely different place.