Almost every year baseball bat companies come out with a new bat that is supposed to be better than the year before. Demarini and Marucci came out with some really nice bats for 2022 including Demarini’s the Goods, Demarini Voodoo One, and the Marucci CAT9 Connect. 

The Goods comes in at $400 so it is pretty pricey, but most bats cost about that amount. A positive quality is it has a lot of power in the bat so you can hit the baseball farther. Another positive quality is that it is a two-piece bat so when you hit the ball off the end it won't vibrate as bad and hurt your hands. A negative quality is that the bat is known to break because of the two piece handle not staying together with the barrel. 

The Voodoo is priced at $350 so it is one of the least expensive bats that is good quality. Some positive qualities of the bat are it has a big sweet spot, and it also has a lot of pop as well. Another positive quality is that it is a lot more durable than The Goods because the whole bat is metal and it isn't a two-piece. A negative quality is that it is a one-piece and when you hit a ball off the handle it is going to sting a lot more than a two-piece bat, because a two-piece bat takes away some of the sting from some type of special technology. 

The CAT9 will cost about $400 so it is about the average price for a baseball bat. A positive quality is that it has a big sweet spot. Another positive quality is it won't have a lot of sting when you hit a ball off the handle because it is a two-piece bat. A negative quality is it doesn´t have as much power as some of the other bats because it has a bigger sweet spot than the other bats so the bigger the sweet spot the more power it gives up. 

If I wanted to get a new baseball bat, I would probably go with the Voodoo One because it won't break, and it probably has just as much pop as the Goods. Also, it is $50 cheaper than the Goods.