When students leave high school after senior year, they have to make a decision about what they are going to choose for their life after high school. Students will choose to either go to college for two-year or four years or go straight into the workforce.

To go into the workforce, some students will do a youth apprenticeship, which is a program where you can leave school early to go to work. You need to fill out the application, get 450 hours of job duties at your job, and you can earn credit for a class through your high school. 

Going into the workforce right after high school can lead to several career choices; students are able to make money while still in high school, and students can leave school early. There is also the added benefit of not having to go to college and take on student loan debt. 

I asked Joe Hoffmen, who graduated from Potosi Schools about his decision to go to college or work and Joe chose to go to the Army. The Army would be another choice for people if they do not want to work or go to college. His reason for not going to work or college was, “because  I wouldn't have been a good student.” Then I asked Joe if there was anything that he would have changed back then and Joe said, “I would have joined the Navy, but still would not have gone to college. Joining the military is also a job you can make money at,” Joe stated. “If I changed my mind and ended up going to college, I would have gone to Southwest Tech for Auto Body.” On the opposite side, I talked to a senior, Brady Freese, at Potosi High School about why he chose to go to college instead of going into the workforce. Brady is going to Southwest Tech into the Ag Powers program. Brady said, “I want to go college because I want to get a degree before I go into the workforce. I also want to have the college experience like a lot of my classmates. I want to learn more about fixing tractors and agriculture. It has always been something I want to do.” Brady will also continue to have a part-time job while he is in college.

There are several options for students after high school. They want to pick what is best for them and what they want to do with their futures.