These days movie remakes are very common. People are running out of original ideas and think that they can remake old movies to make them better. These remakes create a lot of controversy between generations. Some people hate remakes, usually the older people who watched the original when it first came out. Other people love the remakes, usually the younger generation who thinks the original is outdated. This is evident with all of the Spiderman movies that have come out. There have been a total of eight Spiderman movies; the first three are considered the originals, the next two are remakes, and then the last three are another set of remakes. 

The first Spiderman movie came out in 2002 and the last of that trilogy came out in 2007. These are the classic Spiderman movies. “I like Tobey Macguire more than the other actors; I also like that Spiderman has all of the abilities in his body rather than in a suit,” said Mrs. Brunton, the high school Ag teacher at Potosi. If you ask almost anyone over the age of 30 about Spiderman they will probably think of these movies. Most of them would tell you that these movies are way better than any of the new remakes that have been released. This is probably because these are the originals, and usually a lot of people will like any original movie over the remakes. 

The strange thing about the Spiderman remake movies is that the first set of remakes were a great hit in theaters, but now when you ask almost anyone about these movies, they say they are the worst of the three different Spidermans. These movies were released in 2012 and were called The Amazing Spiderman. You would think that, because of when these movies were released, they would be popular among teenagers right now. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Gage Zenz, a senior at Potosi, said, “I don’t really like the story of those remakes. When these movies came out I definitely liked the originals better”. I don’t know why, but not many people like these Spiderman movies. Maybe it is because the newer version of Spiderman came out not too long after these were released, or some people think the plot of these movies weren’t good. 

Most high school students would tell you that the newest Spiderman movies with Tom Holland are the best. Brayden Edge, who is a junior at Potosi, said, “I like the new Spiderman movies because they are more action packed and more modern and relevant today. I also like that they are involved in the Marvel Universe.”  The new Spiderman is part of the Marvel Universe which is a franchise of many different superhero movies including The . This definitely adds to the overall story of the new Spiderman movies. It is even more technologically advanced because instead of Spiderman having the powers himself, he uses a Spiderman suit similar to Iron Man’s. 

As you can see these movies have a lot of similarities, but the biggest difference is when they were made and the technology used in the movies. The original Spiderman had all of the powers in his own body, the next one had to make web shooters for himself, and the next has a whole suit he has to wear in order for him to fight. The older generation doesn’t like the new one because of all the technology. They think that the new Spiderman is just a suit and that it takes away from the original story. The younger generation thinks that the old movies aren’t realistic and are too outdated. They also think that the graphics and animations used in the newer movies are much better than the old ones. 

This just shows the differences between the generations and their preferences. Different generations prefer different factors in their movies. The younger generations like the high tech style, while the older generations prefer the more old style and nostalgic movies that came out when they were younger.