Cats can be considered indoor or outdoor pets, stray cats, or some people have cats to keep the mice away. Many people have cats for several different reasons. states, “42.7 million households have at least one cat.” 

Mrs. Hampton, a special education paraprofessional at Potosi Schools states she has one cat at home. Her cat’s name is Harley and it is a domesticated house cat. Harley is orange with white stripes and has a long, fluffy tail. Mrs. Hampton actually got her cat Harley from a friend that could not keep Harley in the house. Mrs. Hampton states; “At first, we were not going to bring Harley home because my husband did not want a cat in the house. I asked him again about her, and he agreed, so we ended up bringing her home that same day. I wanted an indoor pet and since cats are supposed to be easier to take care of, we decided to become her new owners.  Since then, Harley has become like one of our family members and we wouldn’t change a thing.” Mrs. Hampton and her husband have had Harley for two years and she is an inside cat. Mrs. Hampton states; “Harley stays inside because she is afraid to go outside. She will stand by the door and shake and run away if we have it open. Harley was the best choice we have ever made and we are so happy to have her as a pet. We always say she runs our house and most of the time that is true.”

Mr. Uppena, the principal at Potosi Schools thinks that if you have more than three cats then that is too many. Mr. Uppena has one cat home that is kept inside because he is more of a cat person than a dog person. Mr. Uppena and his wife decided to buy a cat because his wife likes cats and his kids wanted to have a pet at home. Mr. Uppena also believes if people are taking good care of their cats, it doesn’t matter how many you have. Mr. Uppena states ẗhe worst thing about having a cat inside is having to clean up the litter box. “If there were no cats in the world, I would survive and probably get more fish instead.”

On the other hand, there are people who have no cats because they do not like them. Mrs. Lansing’s husband Tim, stated “I do not like cats because I am allergic and they belong outside. I am more of a dog person and I think that there should be a law so people would not have too many cats. The worst thing about having cats would be having to clean out the litter box.”

I think cats are better than dogs because they are less needy and you are able to take care of them easier. I have fifteen cats at home that are both inside and outside. I wish I could have more because they are fun to have.