Mrs. Brunton

Tracy Brunton is an Ag Teacher at Potosi School District, in Potosi, Wi. She’s been teaching agriculture education for 15 years and counting. She teaches a variety of classes which she says keeps her job interesting and fun. She teaches classes like Animal Science, Plant Science, Food Science, and even a Work Experience class. She says, “It's not an easy job teaching multiple subjects, especially since they are all so different”. Mrs. Brunton says that it is well worth it though. She loves teaching and getting to know all of her students. Being a student of hers myself, I don’t think there is a kid in the school that doesn’t like Mrs. Brunton. She tries to get to know all of her students in a way and loves having fun with them. 

Mrs. Brunton was born and raised in Darlington, Wisconsin. She grew up on a dairy farm about ten minutes out of town, which made commuting to school and sports activities difficult before she had her driver’s license. Besides being far out of town she liked growing up on a dairy farm. “Waking up early in the morning to take care of calves was kind of annoying sometimes, but it was fun for the most part,” Mrs. Brunton stated.

In high school, Mrs. Brunton took every ag class she could possibly take. Mrs. Brunton really liked learning about agriculture and growing up on a farm really helped that. Being raised on a farm really pushed her into the career she has today. Mrs. Brunton turned to teaching because of her ag teacher and always enjoyed the different activities that she was able to be a part of in FFA. She loves teaching kids about anything and everything agriculture-related.

Mrs. Brunton likes working in Potosi because of the people who she works with. Having Mr. Uppena as her boss when he is the former ag teacher is unique, but works really well. He is able to support the program and is always willing to jump in to help with anything relating to the ag program.

On the side of being the ag teacher at Potosi High School, Mrs. Brunton is also a wife and mother. She has two daughters Emma and Ellie. Emma is 15 and she plays basketball, cross country and track. Ellie is 12; she plays softball, basketball, cross country, and track. Mrs. Brunton says it is difficult to make it to all of her daughters’ activities but she works around work and is able to take personal time to go to those games and activities.