Liam Allison has been going to Potosi Schools since 2013. Ever since he was a young boy, he has always been interested in trucks. Even as a little boy Liam got a toy truck from his aunt and never put it down. Liam got his license on March 8, 2021 and has owned three trucks since then. He found each truck on Facebook Marketplace and fixed them up as he drove them around. He is looking forward to selling his current truck and getting something nicer to keep for a while.

Usually, it is pretty hard to find a vehicle for super cheap that is drivable. “It’s pretty easy to find stuff nowadays online. I mostly use Facebook Marketplace. I just have to make sure I’m going to buy something that will actually make me money.” Liam has sold a few trucks in the past months. He sold a white 1988 Chevy 2500 to a few teens from Arizona for $600 and a red 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 for $2500.

Since Liam is 16, he has had a few jobs in the past. He does more than just fixing up and selling trucks. His current job is working at Kunes Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Platteville. Liam works on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday and still manages to stay caught up in school. Instead of wasting his money on unprofitable projects, he saves it for the next time he finds a truck to fix up. 

Since Liam works at a dealership, he gets a good deal on buying parts at auto parts retailers around the area. “Fixing up trucks to get extra money just works out pretty well for me. Plus it’s always something I’ve dreamed of doing. It’s fun.” Working at Kunes has also given Liam many opportunities to meet more people who also like to fix up vehicles. Since Liam works at a dealership he works on all different types of vehicles. 

Liam chooses to do this instead of playing video games or typical teenager stuff. “Well, I’d get bored. I can’t sit in front of a TV and just play video games all day. It’s so boring. I like doing stuff with my hands” Liam is pretty happy where he’s at in life at the moment. He enjoys selling stuff and even scrolling through Facebook Marketplace. In the future, he plans on continuing on buying and selling trucks. For a career plan, he wants to own a dealership or own a performance auto shop.