Zachary Lynn is a history and business teacher here at Potosi High School. Although many people may think of Mr. Lynn as a regular guy, he has lived quite an interesting life.

Mr. Lynn was born in San Francisco, California in the year of 1990. Until fifth grade this is where Mr. Lynn and his family lived. In fifth grade Mr. Lynn and his family then moved to palm spring where they resided until Mr. Lynn reached eighth grade. For high school, Mr. Lynn and his family moved to France because they believed it was the best thing to do at the time. In France, Mr. Lynn attended the International School of Nice, a British high school. Mr. Lynn attended the International School of Nice for his freshman and sophomore year. For Junior and Senior year, Mr. Lynn and his family moved to Germany. In Germany, Mr. Lynn attended the international School of Stuttgart.

One of Mr Lynn's favorite memories took place at the Brandenburg gate. The Brandenburg gate is the most famous landmark in Berlin. It is a symbol of division between Germany and the City of Berlin during the Cold War. It is now a symbol of peace and unity. Mr. Lynn was able to enjoy a cup of coffee while looking up at this beautiful monument. Mr. Lynn was also able to visit many amazing Cold War monuments. At CheckPoint Charlie in Berlin, a monument marking the gate from the democratic to communist side of Europe, Mr Lynn purchased his iconic Russian hat as he sometimes refers to himself as a Russian spy.

Mr Lynn and his family eventually decided to move back to the United States. The exchange between the Euro and Dollar was getting very expensive. College was also the next step for Mr. Lynn, and it is pretty complicated to get into a college in Europe.

Here in the United States, Mr. Lynn attended Guilford College. Guilford college is a private liberal arts college in Greensboro, North Carolina. After graduating, Mr Lynn moved to Edgewood college in Madison, Wisconsin for grad school. He was able to finish his grad schooling at Edgewood College in a year and a half. Mr. Lynn preferred not living in large places, and he was looking for somewhere with a low cost of living. He found Potosi High School, and decided that it seemed like a great school to work at. Mr. Lynn took a few different reasons into account when choosing his teaching degree. He wanted to choose a career that would still be around even if the economy went bad. He also wanted to enjoy his job. He considered jobs that would make a difference, and teaching sounded the best. Before teaching, Mr. Lynn actually worked for the Government in Madison, Wisconsin, but he felt he could still make a more positive impact. He decided to take all of his worldwide experiences and influence others through teaching.

Mr. Lynn is able to bring in small elements of news and information from all of these different countries he has been to. Over the years he has taught a lot of people about these countries. Speaking to his classes has shown the students there is more to the world than just Southwest Wisconsin. Mr. Lynn also brought in foreign foods for the staff, which they really enjoyed.