Infrastructure is the system of physical structures which a nation and its people use to travel and transport goods, services, and most of the population itself at times. It can also be magnified to locations or paths within buildings such as our own school. The infrastructure in Potosi is, in the eyes of people interviewed, tolerable at worst, and great at best. 

In the last five years Potosi, Tennyson and Potosi’s Public School have had numerous infrastructure projects. In 2016 the school built the Keith Livens Auditorium, renovated the cafeteria, and renovated the entrances and entrance offices. Last year the Tech Ed. space had almost a complete overhaul of the equipment. Numerous projects were completed around town as well, including Tennyson Street being repaved, Highway 61/35, the highway in front of the school being resurfaced and widened, the bridge near the Potosi Brewery being repaired, and the gravel path between the Catholic School and Public school being paved. There was also a new water tower built for Tennyson, and Spruce Park Drive is slowly expanding to accommodate more people. In Potosi, both the school and Village Council, have made excellent progress on renovating the village and school. 

There are still aspects to be improved, such as a renovated elementary gym. According to Millie Uppena, the 2nd grade teacher at Potosi Public School, “The elementary/middle school gym isn’t safe because of how small it is and the loud noise with so many kids in there at once.” She went on to say in addition, “Most other schools have much better gyms, they’re able to host middle school games in a separate location from their high school games and have plenty of space for middle school practices.” But the school also needs to repave, repaint and possibly expand the parking lots at the Public School. Parking lines can be difficult to see, and the exit for the student parking lot is quickly developing deep divots since it is unpaved. Mrs. Siegert has also suggested the playgrounds for the Elementary be rearranged at some point as there is no space to put a middle school playground without sacrificing other features of the playgrounds. 

The Village itself should also focus on reacquiring the mine in the downtown area and make it available for tours or viewing. The mine is an integral part of Potosi’s history, as it started as a lead mining settlement. The council should also consider repaving the parking lot by the cemetery on Church street and the parking lot by the library, and adjusting the entrance to the cemetery behind St. Andrews Church. The Township and school district of Potosi have made great strides in recent years, but there are still plenty of issues big and small for them to address, either sooner or later.