There have been several teachers at Potosi Schools throughout the years that have come and gone. Some have left for other positions, some have left due to retirement, and some have stayed in the building, but switched what they were teaching. 

One of the long-time teachers; Mrs. Hutchcroft, who teaches high school history, has been here for twenty-two years. Deb Hutchcroft went to UWP and it took her five years to get her teaching degree. She has taught high school, U.S. history, world history, geography, government, psychology, and sociology. Mrs. Hutchcroft states, “I love the kids and the staff at Potosi, they are like another family”. She knows her students and their families, and the people in Potosi help each other when times are tough.  Deb Hutchcroft, “I wouldn’t change anything with my teaching experience”.

Another long-time teacher at Potosi School is Brett Cummins, who has taught special education K-12 in the past and currently teaches fourth grade. Brett Cummins has been teaching at Potosi for seventeen years. Brett Cummins went to UWP and it took him four and half years to get his teaching degree. Brett states,  “I love the students and staff and the lunches are good. One thing Brett Cummins doesn’t like is the windows because they rattle. Mr.Cummins wouldn't do anything with his teaching career at Potosi, to change it. Mr.Cummins stated, “If I wasn’t a teacher, I would be a professional basketball player.

Another long-time teacher at Potosi School is Mrs.Siegert. She has taught at Potosi for ten years. Mrs.Siegert went to UWP for four years. Mrs.Siegert majored in communication and then switched to teaching through college. She teaches eighth-grade reading and English, sixth-grade reading and English, sixth-grade library skills, sixth-grade social studies, eleventh and twelfth-grade American literature, eleventh-grade and twelfth grade speech. Mrs.Siegert stayed at Potosi School because of her husband and kids that go here and have graduated from Potosi. The one thing Mrs.Siegert doesn’t like is the students not taking their homework home and not finishing it here at school during work time. Mrs.Siegert stated, “I wouldn’t change anything about what I teach, or how I teach my students at Potosi School”. 

On the other hand, some teachers have not been at Potosi Schools for very long and are just starting their teaching careers.

Trevor Bohn has been teaching at Potosi School for two years. Mr.Bohn went to UWP for four and a half years. Mr.Bohn teaches 7th,  8th, and 9th grade English. Mr.Bohn states that the biggest change at Potosi school has been the masks because the whole school had to wear masks because of Covid and then this year the whole school doesn’t have to wear masks if they don’t want to. Mr.Bohn has stayed at Potosi school because he likes the good teachers and the good students. Mr.Bohn states,  “if I could change anything about my teaching experience I would teach more history classes”. Mr.Bohn states if he wasn’t a teacher he would be a police officer. 

Elyssa Granger is also a new teacher at Potosi. Elyssa got her degree from UWP for four and a half years. Mrs.Granger teaches second grade, sixth and seventh grade English, math, and social studies. Mrs.Granger states that “the biggest change at Potosi school is seeing faces of the staff and students, and the teaching split with middle school and elementary”. Mrs.Granger has stayed at Potosi School because of the great administration, the relationships with the staff and students. Mrs.Granger likes the support of the students at sporting events and seeing them involved in everything.    

Potosi schools have been a great place to work for several staff members. It takes a big heart to be in education and we are all glad these teachers chose Potosi.