My school in Hungary is a little bigger than Potosi High School. This school is a Catholic high school with three buildings. The way to get into this school is to apply. We write maths and Hungarian grammar and literature tests after we do a worldly test about chemistry and biology or German or English. We can write tests in the 4th grade and 8th grade.

If we get good points we will go to this school next year. When we get into my Hungarian school campus, we see first the freshmen and underclassmen building. On the ground floor there is a school office and the principal’s office. The first floor has some classrooms and the second floor has an art and painting classroom.

When we go further we can see the next building, the sophomore, junior, and senior building. This building is bigger than the first one. It has three floors and lots of classrooms and the school canteen. My classroom is on the third floor. This building has chemistry, biology, and philosophy classrooms, some English and German classrooms, and music; choir and piano, and organ classrooms. My favorites are the piano classroom because I learned to play the piano for seven years, and the biology and chemistry classroom. 

If we go further, see the third building, which is the physical education hall. We always hold school competitions and sports days here, such as 24-hour basketball or 12-hour football. My school has outdoor physical education. What's very different about my home school is that I have a PE class every day where boys and girls have separate PE teachers. As it is a Catholic school, the girls have a separate PE class from the boys. When the girls are in the outdoor gym, the boys are in the indoor gym and we swap every week. After school, the school does not run the training sessions, but everyone goes to a separate sports club in town.

My school in Hungary starts on September 1st and June 15th is the last day. At school events, we have to wear uniforms and there are special masses held either in the big school hall or the school church on church holidays. In my school uniform, the girls wear a blue skirt and white shirt and a blue tie. The boys wear black trousers and a white shirt and a blue tie, or sometimes a black suit. Usually, one class is 36 kids, 18 boys, and 18 girls.

I have seven or eight hours on an average school day. The school starts at 8 o'clock. The lessons are 45 minutes long and the breaks between lessons are 10 minutes, except for the lunch break because it is 30 minutes. The classes are a little bit different. We only learn world history, biology, chemistry and philosophy, Hungarian grammar and literature, maths, music, art, religion, and geography. 

We go to the school canteen after the fifth class. The school canteen has long tables and the class eats together. The school food is very good because the kitchen ladies always cook warm food. We eat soup and vegetable dishes every day or meals with potatoes or rice and some fruits. 

I mentioned that they sometimes hold services either in the school church or in the school hall. The school church is a five-minute walk away and is very nice. There's a beautiful colored window in the church which, when the sun shines on it, there are beautiful lights.  If you want, you can sing in the church choir. I sang for four years. The people who sing at mass wear nice uniforms. If the mass is in the school hall, it's very cozy because it's a very tall building with windows on the roof, so it's very bright. There are many plants in the big hall, which makes it very cozy. 

Finally, the school auditorium is where the concerts are held. My school has a music school where I am learning piano. It is also where we have our end-of-term and end-of-year music exams. Finally, I would like to highlight one of my favorite teachers, my piano teacher. His name is Sándor Törpényi and he is one of the best people I know, and we always laugh through our piano lessons. He is like a grandfather to me; the best is when we play four-handed pieces of music together on the piano.

I'm studying chemistry and biology at an advanced level because I would like to be a pediatrician. I also have a German and English section in my school. Potosi is very different from my school in Hungary, but I really like it. I can only recommend to everyone this school, it's not an easy school and the preliminary is very difficult, but the result is worth it.