The Potosi School district is fortunate enough to have four pairs of married couples who work together in the district, but each of these couples has unique relationships at work. Potosi schools have four pairs of couples: the Cohens, the Uppenas, the Siegerts, and the Bonekes. These couples have played big roles and worked hard together to make this school such a friendly environment.

Mr. Cohen is the school’s superintendent. He is married to Mrs. Cohen, the high school math teacher. Mr. Cohen is technically the head of the district, which makes him Mrs. Cohen’s boss, although Mrs. Cohen says, “he may be the boss at school, but I’m the boss at home!” Mr. Cohen feels that “having the same schedule - days off at Christmas and Easter - is the biggest convenience.” Mrs. Cohen feels like the biggest convenience is it makes it easier for them to communicate with each other, not just about school, but about their home life as well. The Cohens also have a child who goes to school in the district. They both feel that it is pretty convenient and easier for them to work in the same district as their kids. Mrs. Cohen feels as if she is more available for helping her child. 

Mr. Uppena is the school’s principal; he is married to Mrs. Uppena, the 3rd-grade teacher. Mr. Uppena is technically her boss. The Uppenas have four kids; one has already graduated, but the other three also go to the same school where the couple works together. I asked the couple if working at the same school was difficult, and Mrs. Uppena thinks it is “not difficult at all.” Mrs. Uppena adds that they both started working together in Potosi in 1999, and they have gotten really used to it. Mr. Uppena agreed that it was not difficult. He adds that, “it has been very good for our family.” Mrs. Uppena also says, “We’re so grateful we were hired at Potosi all those years ago.”

The Siegerts are at opposite ends of the school, teaching completely different subjects. Mr. Siegert is Potosi’s athletic director and head coach of the Potosi-Cassville football team. Mrs. Siegert is in a completely different department from Mr. Siegert; she is a middle school and high school English teacher. Although Mr. Siegert is very busy especially around fall during the football season, he still finds time to be with his family while separating his home life and his school life with Mrs. Siegert. Mr. Siegert says “it has been such a blessing to be able to have this opportunity to be able to work in the same school district as my wife and kids.”  The Siegerts have five kids; four have graduated from Potosi, while the fifth is still a student in the district. They find it very convenient to work at the same school their kids go to because they get to help out their own kids and know more about what goes on in their daily lives. 

The Siegerts’ situation is very different from the Boneskes’. The Boneskes not only work in the same school, but they also work together teaching in the same department, but teach different things, right across the hall from one another. Mr. Boneske is our school’s band instructor, and right across the hall is Mrs. Boneske, our school’s choir and musical director. The Boneskes agree that it is very convenient working together in the same school. It helps save gas because they carpool and it also helps them a lot that their holidays, such as Christmas, and summer breaks line up together. Since the Boneskes are so close to each other every day, you would think it would be hard for them to separate their home life from their school life. Mr. Boneske said, “it can be hard at times, but we set a rule in our house that we try to follow every day: anything school-related, we don’t talk about after 5 pm.” 

All of the couples that I talked to agreed that working together at the same school is convenient and they would never change it. These couples have put a lot of dedication and effort into making this a friendly community. All of the couples are very grateful to be working together and seeing each other in school and outside of school.