The last couple of days of school are here. The seniors graduated this past weekend and are not at school anymore. The environment at school seems different; it seems like the classes are empty and barely anyone came to school. From a junior’s perspective, the last few days of school are kind of weird. First, you start to realize it is different when you look around in your elective classes and everyone in your class is younger than you. You start to realize that the next school year will be your last year in school with your friends, your last seasons of sports and clubs. Some of my junior classmates look at this in many different ways; some people are ready to be done with school and want to go make money.

Brad Perry said, “I like playing football and lifting weights with my teammates; that's the only thing I'd really miss.” He added that "I prefer working over school because I'm actually making money and there's no work you have to take home, you just show up, do your job and leave.”

In my perspective, I want to enjoy the last year of school and try to make the most out of opportunities going into and throughout next year, and after high school just see where some of the opportunities take me. 

Most people don’t realize how time flies, so because of that, my plan is to use my senior year as a preparation period, so when I graduate high school I'm going to have a full plan of what my interests are and what I want to do in the future. By doing this, I'm going to try to ensure that I'm going to school for something I'm not wasting money on. 

In a different perspective, Brad's thoughts are that after school he wants to not start off in debt. Without paying to go to school, he wants to make money right away and be able to live on his own out of his parents’ house. He also added that he would be interested in going to do an apprenticeship program for plumbing.