Four years ago the graduating class of 2021 were told that our high school years would go by fast, but we never believed them. Four years later, and now there is only one day of school left. Now we seniors are telling the graduating class of 2025 that those four years go by fast, very fast. If anyone would come up and ask the Potosi High School seniors of 2021 what their favorite thing about coming to school was, they would be able to share without any hesitation their favorite memory of being a Potosi Chieftain. Sadly four years of memories can’t fit into one little story, but here are some memories that will last forever:

The seniors played a big role in sports teams. Those sports provided many memories, especially in the locker room! “When we used to scream the song ‘Jolene’ when Mrs. Murray walked into the locker room before volleyball games,” Martia Abing shared as a memorable moment. “All of the bus rides to games and going crazy in the locker rooms before games,” Lilly Post added. Tucker Leibfried had more memories to share: “Playing Sports and becoming so close with all of the Cassville kids when Cassville joined Potosi for sports. I gained so many friends. I also liked when we played against our school rivals.”  

Aside from sports, there is also the academic side of school.  We have all made great memories inside the classrooms at Potosi. Amanda Roling talked about, “Getting to eat lunch in Mrs. Cohen’s [classroom] with my table group.” “Having shop class with Mr. Bockenhauer.” Hunter Yager added. My favorite memory inside the classroom is my 5th hour class with Mr. Fry. He challenges us and prepares us for life, but he also lets us play with a soccer ball and joke around while listening to music in class. 

We are all so thankful for these past four years. Not only did those four years teach us important life skills, but they also gave us many memories that we can share with others. Thank you, PHS!