10 years from now, everything will be changed. For us seniors, we will be 28 trying to make it on our own. 

Senior Jake Stoney sees himself becoming a mechanical engineer with a master's degree from the University of Wisconsin Platteville. Jake says, “I plan on making lots of money from engineering, and using the money to buy a boat and house for weekend entertainment.” Jake, along with many other seniors, wants to start his family and settle down into the town where he wants to live for the rest of his life. “If I could, I want to live around the Potosi area. This area is just home to me. I love the river, and I love the surrounding areas, which makes Potosi home,” said Jake. 

Senior Martia Abing sees herself almost like Jake’s vision. “10 years from now, I will be 28 and I see myself having a nursing job somewhere. I hope to be working my way towards getting married and starting a family.” Martia has big plans with nursing, which she will be studying at Viterbo University. This is a four year course. Martia is undecided if she wants her masters, and if she does, where she will get it from. 

Senior Tucker Leibfried is going a different route than Martia. “Ten years from now I see myself working as a lineman. I've had this dream of becoming a lineman ever since I was in middle school. I hopefully will be starting a family of my own sometime near ten years from now. Once I am financially stable, I would love to buy a decent amount of hunting land because my favorite thing to do is hunt. I would also love to have a nice fishing boat because my second favorite thing to do is fish,” said Tucker. Tucker will be studying Electrical Power Distribution at Southwest Technical College next school year, and then finding a job somewhere around this area. 

I see myself being a journeyman plumber in 10 years. I can also see myself still working for Grant River Tubing yet, if not owning it. I will be studying plumbing at Southwest Technical College for the next five years until I can write for my Journeyman’s test. For this program, I will have to go to college two days a month, and the rest of the days I will be working for Reilly’s Plumbing and Heating. I also have some big dreams. I would love to have a diesel truck, a new shouse, (shed and a house in one) at my family farm, and a boat to spend time out on the water with my friends. I can see myself sticking around in Potosi for the rest of my life. I see this because I love everything about this community. I am definitely a small-town boy. 

As for many other seniors at Potosi, they are also looking forward to the futures they have envisioned for themselves. I think it is fair to say that many of us want to settle down and start a family by the time we are 28.