“If math isn’t your best subject and you still want to learn, this is the place for you,” said Senior Jack Kaiser when referring to the Technical Math class here at Potosi High School. 

During this year, Tech Math started at 7:55 AM and went to 8:43 AM on every weekday besides Wednesdays, when we had an early dismissal. “We did everything from trigonometry, to finance, to measurements; a little bit of everything to get us ready for tech school,” said Jack. Tech math gets you ready for math problems you may see every day and is a class for men and women looking to get into a trade like plumbing, nursing, welding, therapy, or electrical lineman. 

In the class, there is typically one assignment due every day or two. Some assignments were one page long and some were a few pages long depending on what chapter you were on in the workbook. There are still quizzes and tests, but, just like every class you have taken before, as long as you pay attention in class, you will do just fine. There was one chapter that was assigned and was due at the end of the year, which Tech Math students had to do in their free time. As long as you are disciplined and you are good at managing your time, this is the class for you.

Tech Math class is not at all a hassle to the students. “[We] just had a good time,” Jack commented. When students are done with their work for the day, they are free to talk among themselves and even play games like hangman or Pictionary. 

“I think Tech Math went well. We got in, got our stuff done, and got out,” said Kaiser.