Technology is becoming more and more important in middle schools, high schools, and colleges all over the world. Even though technology is important in today's society, there are some things that people can still do on their own. Having a computer grade homework is an easier way to grade, but the concerns about it are that it can be more strict about grading and not reasonable like a teacher. 

After last year, when schools were getting shut down and not able to give out paper homework, teachers started handing out homework online and communicating to their students through e-mails. Today, schools all over the world are starting to use technology more by having textbooks and homework online. I can’t even remember the last time I got homework on a piece of paper rather than on the Chromebook, or the last time I touched a textbook.

It is crazy how much things have changed over one year and seeing how much it has affected us as a society. Jessica Noonan said, “I do like homework and tests on the Chromebook more because teachers don’t have to worry about bad handwriting and it’s easier to turn in because you don’t have to hand deliver.” I agree with Jessica because it’s a lot easier, and you will never lose your homework because it is on your Chromebook. Those are the main reasons that I don’t mind technology in today's world, but there are always some concerns, like if there was some type of crash, damage, or data loss to the internet. 

I think that computer use is meant for your homework and textbooks, but they can be a concern for some students when it comes to grading homework. Many teachers now use schoology and set it up to where they have multiple questions and have the computer grade it for them. This can be a concern because the computer only has one right answer, but there could be a question where it could have multiple answers that are correct. Mykaylia Bauer said, “I feel like a computer grading homework isn’t reliable and I don’t trust it.” Having questions on the computer that asks for a number can be confusing because you don’t know whether to use the actual number or have to spell out the number because you don’t know what way is the correct answer. 

Most teachers would be very reasonable if you tell them the concerns that you have with the grading technique that they might have. Mrs. Hutchcraft said, “I would encourage my students to come talk to me if they had any concerns about an answer that they thought was incorrect.” Communicating is the best thing you can do because sometimes teachers might check the wrong box and it’s good for students to go to the teacher and talk to them about it.

Even though technology is important in today’s society, there are still many things that computers should not be in charge of. I am glad that we have computers and all of this technology in the world today, and I would like to see what we will have in future years to come. Jessica Noonan said, “I am very grateful for technology because of how fast computers are, and how fast you can communicate with people.”