One memory I will always remember is from our 8th grade trip to the Dells. Jake Stoney lost his phone on a roller coaster. We were on the biggest roller coaster in the park and flipped upside down and his phone slipped out and fell straight down to the ground. We had to contact the people who ran the park and they had to find it. No luck finding the phone that day. A week later they found it and shipped back his broken, useless phone. Hilarious! I will always look back on middle school and high school and remember the good times. 

I liked high school because I was able to see my friends every day. I also enjoyed coming to school because most of the teachers were helpful. I didn’t like high school because I didn't like coming to school for 8 hours but once I was able to leave for work every day, I liked going to school better. I will always remember how fun my shop classes were in high school and how nice the teachers were. I liked that I was able to pick my own projects to fix and create. It felt good to see what I was able to accomplish and make with the help of Mr. Bockenhauer. He taught me how to build projects out of wood and he also made me a better person. He pushed me to work harder every day and move out of my comfort zone to improve. Mr. Bockenhauer always tells us, “You’re here to work, not mess around.” That made me think that I am either going to learn to like this class or drop it. Well, I did learn to like it and I am so glad I didn’t drop it. For the students who choose to mess around, Mr. Bockenhauer has a special job for them; they get to clean the shop with a 30 pound broom. It only took me one time of doing that to learn my lesson not to mess around. 

After high school, I plan on attending SWTC for Agricultural Power and Equipment technician. Ag Power is a program that will teach me how to inspect and repair different kinds of farm machinery and equipment.  After college, I plan to keep working at Amcor and then in my spare time take over my grandpa’s farm. I’ll use my Ag power degree to keep our farm equipment running. Life will certainly change after high school. Instead of just going to classes all day, I will get to go to classes I want to learn more about and keep working throughout college. I know I won’t get to see all of my classmates as often, but I hope I can stay in touch with my friends as much as possible. 

Something I will remember most is trying to go to school during a global pandemic.  I remember having to Zoom while I was at work. It was awful because I had to go upstairs in a creepy warehouse that had no lights. The teachers kept asking me to see my face but I had no light, so that’s that. I also had no sound because the service was awful too. I kind of feel that I didn’t get to experience my senior year the way I wanted to because of the pandemic too. During homecoming, I always look forward to TPing. It was hard to TP during homecoming because there was a shortage of toilet paper. We really had to plan ahead to go TPing this year, but we still got it done.