Shopping can be an addiction, but for most, it is something you do in your free time. People who have this addiction can really struggle with how much they shop and how much they spend. You can be obsessed with shopping for certain things, or can just like shopping for anything. 

There are all different types of shopping you can do, like shopping for clothes, jewelry, makeup, shoes, furniture, groceries and many more. I personally like to shop for clothes more than anything else. Jessica Noonan said, “I like to shop for shoes because I actually like some styles of shoes and I feel like it puts an outfit together.” For the most part, girls like to shop for clothes and shoes more than anything else because we seem to have more clothes and shoes than boys. 

There are some people who either shop every weekend or every other weekend. No one that I know does this, but some people could when they can drive or when they get a job. They might just go shopping whenever they are bored because sometimes that is what I feel like doing when I get bored. Shopping might also be something you do with your mom, sibling, or anyone, just to hang out with them. 

You might have one place that you like to shop more than any other store, or you just go shopping in that store only. Sydney Fecht said, “My favorite place to shop is Francesas because they have all the clothing I love to wear.” My favorite place to shop would have to be American Eagle because they have long enough jeans that fit. Emily Bierman said, “I like to shop at Nike for their shoes and their clothes.” 

Some people might not like to shop or find it boring to do. Jessica Noonan said, “I don’t like shopping because it takes forever and I rarely find anything that you actually like.” I understand what Jessica is saying because sometimes shopping gets boring and long and you will only buy one thing. There are some days where you end up buying a lot and feel good that you found everything you want,  but it is really rare when that happens. 

Most people seem to have shopped more online than ever during quarantine and I personally did not like to shop online, mostly because you can’t tell what clothes looked like on you. To this day in some stores, you can’t try on any clothes, which makes it feel like you are shopping online. Other people might like to shop online because it might be easier or faster for them. Emily Bierman said, “I personally like shopping online because they usually have more things online.” 

Shopping could be an obsession for some people or it can just be something they enjoy doing. They could also just like having new stuff around and or just have nice things to wear every day. Everyone doesn’t mind shopping, but it has to be something that they enjoy shopping for.