Summer breaks are some of the best years of high schoolers' lives. It’s a time to destress from hours of school work, hang out with your friends, and the perfect opportunity to soak up the sun every day. That being said, I decided to interview four Potosi students to see just what they will be getting up to this summer. 

One of the most cherished moments during the summer for high school students is the ability to sleep in. Amanda Roling, a senior, says she plans to sleep until 1 pm most days as long as she is not working. Martia Abing noted that she too will be sleeping in when she can. Wade Brown also said that he won’t be going to bed until 2 am most nights, so he will be sleeping in as well. 

Another classic aspect of being a high school student is getting a job during the summer to fill your time. Like some students here at Potosi, Logan Uppena plans to work at Holiday Gardens. “I help out at weddings and other events,” he commented. “I am also there to clean up afterward.” Besides working at Holiday Gardens, Logan also plans to help out at school and be a coach for Youth Rec sports. Martia, who is currently a CNA at an assisted living home, told me that she might look for a job at a hospital this summer. “It’s a perfect time to look for a new job and gain some hospital experience. I love my job at Morningside, but I think it would be a good chance for me this summer.” 

Besides working and sleeping in, vacations are always a highlight of any summer vacation. Exploring new places and posting cute Instagram pictures is always at the top of high school students’ lists during the summers. Amanda Roling’s summer vacation plans are to go down to Alabama for a week. “My cousin is moving down to Alabama and I am going to help her move in. I’m sure we are going to do some fun things though too.” Martia won’t be traveling such a long distance as Amanda is this summer. Her family will be going up north to Eagle River and spending time on a pond. 

Besides the main highlights all high schoolers look forward to during the summer, there are also other routines these students are ready for. For Logan Uppena, he is very excited to not do homework and go to basketball open gyms and scrimmages. Amanda said she is ready to lay out in the sun and “get crispy”. Martia is excited to go jeeping with her friends. Finally, Wade said he is most excited about going jet skiing. While all of these activities may be different from one another, they are unique experiences for maximizing summer fun. 

While these students’ summer plans all vary from preparing for college, to lifting weights, to going fishing, and hanging out with friends, they all had something in common. They are excited for school to end and ready to start their summer vacations and have some fun.