Have you ever been pulled over? Several people have been pulled over for numerous traffic violations such as speeding, running a stop sign, being in the wrong lane, or being on their cell phones. When a cop pulls you over, you can sometimes get away with a warning, or get a ticket ranging from $200.00 to $500.00 or more depending on what kind of offense it was. 

Depending on what you get pulled over for, is what kind of ticket or warning you will get from the cops. Some cops that are in small towns let people get away with warnings, but some cops that are in big towns are a little more strict. Students at Potosi who have just started driving, or have been driving for a couple of years are still getting used to some of the traffic laws and speeds around town. Jared, who is a senior at Potosi High School had his first time this year of being pulled over for speeding. ¨I got pulled over by the church in downtown Potosi. I got a warning for going too fast.¨ stated Jared. Some people have anxiety about being pulled over and their adrenaline starts going really high. I asked Jared if he was scared when he got pulled over, but he stated; ¨I was nervous, but it helped that I had my friends in my car for backup.¨ 

Mr. Fry, who is an English teacher at Potosi and has been driving for several years, had a similar incident when he was in high school, and still trying to get used to the traffic rules. ¨I got pulled over for the first time in Spring Green on my way from Madison to Richland Center. I was not sure why the cop pulled me over and I was nervous because he made us get out of the car, wait in the cold, and he also searched my vehicle. I was not speeding, and did not get a ticket, or even a warning.” stated Mr. Fry. Several cops pull people over for a mistake in identity, something is wrong with their license plates, or if a person seemed distracted. 

Some people are not so lucky to get a warning. Brad, who is a junior in high school got pulled over. ¨I got pulled over on Country B going 80 in a 55 coming back from work¨ stated Brad. ¨The cop let me off a little because he only gave me a $170 ticket.” Brad did not get scared he knew that there was a reason to get pulled over for speeding.

Traffic laws are different in each state, and tickets can be costly. It is better to abide by those traffic laws and follow the speed limit in order to not have to pay for a ticket or get points off your license for doing something that can be avoided.