High school is a busy time for teenagers. Many are in sports, multiple clubs, AP classes, part-time jobs, and have active social lives. This can be struggling to manage your time in a productive yet fun way. On top of all of this many high schoolers are also in relationships. Finding time for homework, sports, friends, and a boyfriend or girlfriend can be hard. Some high schoolers’ boyfriends and girlfriends are not from the same town as them, so it can be hard to find times to hang out if they live far away. 

Martia Abing, a senior, has been in a relationship for four months now during high school. Her boyfriend is from Cuba City, so it isn’t too far of a drive, but it’s not like he lives right down the street. On average, they usually hang out about three times a week. They both have busy schedules, so this is actually a good amount for them to also be able to balance their schedules and relationships. 

Another student Sydney Fecht, has been in serious relationships most of high school. Her last relationship was about 3 ½ years long and her relationship now has been going for 8 months and is going strong. She is a two-sport athlete, a serious student, and has a part-time job after school. She was also involved in the musical, choir, and is in multiple clubs. She has a very busy schedule, but still finds time to hang out with her boyfriend, friends, and family. One way she finds time for her family and boyfriend is by hanging out with both of them at the same time. 

Many students in high school also prefer to stay single because they would rather have more free time for their friends, family, sports, etc. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend just isn’t one of their priorities at this point in their life. This could be because of multiple reasons such as not being interested at the moment, waiting until they’re older, college is approaching, or they couldn't find someone nearby that they are interested in. Many students who go to a small school like us also tend to know each other pretty well. We all grew up together so we tend to date other people because we know everything about each other and we are friends. Most kids tend to look to other schools when looking to date because you might know kids who go there, but not as well as the ones that go to your own school. 

Overall, many students are able to handle a relationship along with all of the other things thrown at them in their life. For some, it just isn’t a priority right now and they are just enjoying their life as it is. Either way whatever makes you the happiest is what you should do and you don’t need to feel like you have to do something just to fit in or be cool.