When you get homework, the expectation is to finish it as soon as possible. That isn’t always the case. Procrastination is a big problem among high school students. It can affect student-athletes and even affects their grades. 

Student-athletes can be more likely to procrastinate because of games and practices, but it may also push them to work harder. Kylie Reuter said, “I feel like when I’m in sports, I make sure to get all my work done. When I’m not in sports, I procrastinate more.” Being a student-athlete is a privilege that you have to work for. If you are in season and you have a D or an F, you have to sit out of games until you get your grade up. Personally, having this rule makes me work harder in school during sports seasons. It is definitely harder to stay on track out of season because you don’t have anything pushing you to do your best. 

When people procrastinate, it is mostly because what they are putting off is difficult. Kylie Reuter also said, “It is easier to procrastinate on harder projects because I know that they will take longer to finish.” I agree with Kylie 100%. When we get a further due date, it gives us time to actually put it off. This also means that the project or homework is more difficult to finish. When we get easier homework that is due the next day, it makes us want to get it done so that it isn’t considered late. 

Procrastination is obviously not the best thing to do when it comes to homework, yet students still do it. Procrastinating can actually affect your grade in a negative way. When you put off doing homework until the last minute, you are most likely to forget about the assignment or how to do it. All of a sudden you remember the day before it is due. This causes you to rush to complete the assignment even if it is not your best work. If you procrastinate all the time, not giving your best work, it will show in your grades. Personally, I do procrastinate on a lot of my assignments. I can definitely tell the difference in my work when I am rushing, versus when I do the assignment right away. 

Procrastination isn’t a good habit to fall into. It can decrease your grades in classes, which could affect student-athletes privileges to play. I think that procrastinating is inevitable not only in high school students trying to finish homework but also in the everyday lives of adults. I think the reason why people procrastinate is that they are scared of failure on the certain task at hand. That fear of failure causes procrastination. It helps to reduce stress for at least a little bit to give the person a false sense of security.