Here at Potosi High School, you are encouraged to get involved; most students are heavily involved in many different extracurricular activities. Some of these activities include sports, clubs, and fine arts. A recent study from the government shows that extracurricular activities provide a channel for reinforcing the lessons learned in the classroom, offering students the opportunity to apply academic skills in the real world, on skills such as leadership. 

Current three-sport athlete and band and choir student Logan Uppena explained, ‘’extracurricular activities help me balance my responsibilities because it shows you, you can ask others for help in times of struggle, it's’ also great for learning to work with others”.  

Also, in addition to building skills within a specific discipline, extracurricular activities are great for developing general academic and soft skills. Balancing a number of commitments can help to improve your child’s time management skills, while finding an area they enjoy or excel at, can boost self-confidence. 

Currently here at Potosi High School, fall, winter, and spring sports are options, and if you are not interested in sports the band, choir, clubs, and even the play are offered.

Many students here at Potosi High School are involved in multiple extracurricular activities. Even though the government study proves that the activities help students build many different skills, and traits, “Sometimes balancing academics and your extracurricular activities can be tough,” Levi Groom, a Junior at Potosi High School said. 

‘’Weeks like this week and this past week without any sports in session, it makes it easier to get schoolwork done.’’ Levi added that on a normal day, especially during a sports season, he spends about an hour a day on homework; he balances this during the school day and usually doesn’t have any homework to do at home.