As the current COVID-19 pandemic continues, more and more vaccinations are being distributed. As more vaccines are being distributed to essential workers worldwide, it has given Potosi School staff members the opportunity to get their vaccines. 

The first vaccine for staff was distributed on Thursday, March 4th for any staff member who was willing to get the shot. Staff members received the first Moderna shot, and the second dose is expected to be distributed to staff on April 1st. According to Mr. Uppena, Potosi Schools “will not require this COVID shot [for staff], and that it is a personal decision.” Mr.Uppena explained that he does plan on getting the vaccine himself, alongside many other willing staff members. 

High School English teacher Mr. Fry was one of the several staff members to receive the vaccine. After talking with his wife, Mr. Fry decided that getting this vaccine would be the best option for him. “I have hopes that this vaccine will eventually help us all out of this tough situation.” 

Music Teacher Mrs. Boneske also was one of the many who signed up to receive the shot. After talking to Mrs. B about how she feels about the vaccine, she claims that “I have lots of hope after receiving the vaccine.” All this hope brought tears to Mrs.Boneske because “it has been a long year, but this vaccine felt like an important step to take in order to get back to ‘normal’ life.” 

Although this vaccine brings some hope, it does not change much for the district. “Until we hear anything from the Grant County Health Department, wearing masks and social distancing will still be enforced here at Potosi.” Potosi’s staff continues to focus on providing education and support to all students, and this vaccine is an important step toward maintaining the ability to provide important experiences to students in our community.