Dear Family, Friends, and Sponsors,


I am very pleased to announce that I have been selected to play in the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) All Star Games at Justagame Fieldhouse in Wisconsin Dells on June 20th. This is quite an achievement and great honor, as I was selected to the team as one of the top Seniors across the entire state in our division.


The main goal this event is held is to raise money to help fight the battle against Childhood Cancer. Every All Star participant must raise monetary donations in order to compete in the games. All proceeds from your donations will go towards one large check presented to the MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer). The check is presented each year at halftime of the Milwaukee Bucks MACC Fund game. Since the All Star Games started in 1978, the WBCA has been able to donate over $2.8 Million dollars to help battle Childhood Cancer.


I am hoping that you might help by contributing what you feel comfortable as a sponsor to me. As a sponsor you would receive:

1. Your name or business’s name on the All-Star website www.wisbca.org and your name as a donor on the gameday program on my behalf.

2. If you donate ($100-$299) you have the option of creating ads for online which will be displayed on my personal donation page. If you donate ($300+) you also have the option to create an ad for the gameday program which has thousands of potential viewers. Please visit www.wisbca.org and Click on Events / All-Star game for more information on donating

3. All contributions are tax deductible

- Tax exempt Number: ES16609

- Federal ID#: 39-1872908


If you would like to donate on my behalf.

Visit https://www.wisbca.org/allstar-game/allstar-boys-teams.php?s=b&d=5&t=White, click on my account, then click on the “Donate/Create My Ad button” and fill out the survey to complete your donation online. 

It is my goal to be the leading fundraiser for this longtime event in the state of Wisconsin and in helping fight against Childhood Cancer. This is a GREAT cause to support as the success rate of beating childhood cancer is now near 80%. We want to make that number 100%. Your support is greatly appreciated and let’s show basketball fans across the state how our community supports high school basketball and the fight against Childhood Cancer!

Thank You All, 

Nick Edge

Boys Basketball WBCA All-Star

Potosi High School