May 24th is the day that the Potosi 2020 seniors expect to be graduating. With that comes preparation for the big day. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, graduation planning has now been put on hold. The senior advisers are waiting until the quarantine is lifted to start gathering the seniors and planning again. 

To be a senior in this time of quarantine is hard because most of their last times of playing a sport, going to a dance, and even walking across the stage to receive their diploma has now been threatened with cancellation. 

“I’m not excited, but at the same time I know we have to keep everyone safe and healthy. It’s sad that I won’t be spending my last two months with my best friends,” explained one Potosi senior, Megan Roesch. 

Another senior, Chloe Groom, added, “This is something I have been looking forward to, so it’s kind of sad thinking that there’s a chance of us not having a graduation.” 

The Potosi senior adviser, Mrs. Brunton, has said that, “at this point, everything with graduation is on hold and probably will be for a while. We can’t make any decisions until we know that quarantine has been lifted for gatherings.”

Even though these seniors are missing out on many valuable experiences, it is good to know that they are keeping their hopes up and watching out for others´ safety. As the school year continues, more updates will be sent out. 

For now stay safe and healthy!