'19 Grad Discusses Adjusting to College

Brady Curtis, a graduate of Potosi High School of the Class of 2019, took his first step toward adulthood when he moved away for college. Brady now attends the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, where he is studying Construction Site Management.  The adjustment for Brady was tough at first. Living in a new place with new people was intimidating for Brady. “It really did scare the pants off me. Living on my own and paying for everything myself is difficult, but thank goodness I found a job.”

Brady found a job on campus at UWP, working as a Help Desk Technician. This job helps Brady pay for his rent and his necessities. Brady works three days a week, five hours at a time. “This job helps me with my financial problems and teaches me how to balance my time with school and work.” 

As a former Six Rivers West Conference Player of the Year, Brady still finds time to play basketball, whether it is an intermural league at the campus, a league with his older brother, Brent, in Dodgeville, or even at his old stomping grounds at Potosi High School to scrimmage the varsity boys. “I love playing the sport of basketball because it’s fun, a nice way to meet new people, and it’s a great way to stay in shape.” Going to school, work, playing basketball, and working out sounds like a heavy load on one guy but Brady thinks otherwise. Brady loves staying busy and getting the most out of his days. 

The transition from high school to college was pretty easy for Brady besides moving away from his parents. “The first day of college was definitely different and a little intimidating, but, like everything else, it starts to feel normal with a little time. My favorite part of college has to be meeting new people and seeing people that I know.” Meeting new people is always great, and you will do that at any college, but seeing other people that you know happens because of going to a small college in this area. 

The overall change from high school to college has been good for Brady. The positives are more free time, meeting new people, and being independent. The negatives are the cost of college, having to work while in school, and not being able to play organized sports anymore. Brady believes that the positives outweigh the negatives and that college is better than high school.