Seniors Reflect As Graduation Approaches

It’s getting closer to the end; the seniors at Potosi High school are getting down to their last few months of school. It has been quite a ride for these students, and it certainly has gone fast. Even though these seniors seem like they are ready to leave and start the next chapter of their lives, are they really ready? These kids have grown so much since their freshman year, but are they really ready to experience life after school yet? Even though high school seems to drag at times, there are some things and people that we will end up missing. 

Megan Roesch, a senior at Potosi, told me of her favorite moment, what she regrets, and also gave some advice about high school. High school is made of many moments, good and maybe not so good. Megan talked about having a lot of favorite moments, but I asked her what her most favorite part was. “I would say the FFA trips,” was her reply. She has gone on many FFA trips, including going to Oklahoma for National Soil Judging, Indiana for the National Convention, and other types of judging contests. Her favorite trip was going to Indiana for the National Convention. There are also some things that she regrets from high school, “I regret not getting involved and not trying my hardest,” said Megan. However, with regrets, there is also learning. As a senior, Megan has experienced a lot of different things, and she had some advice to give to underclassmen “Try your hardest, get involved,” and, “don’t let the upperclassmen scare you.” That is some really good advice to give to underclassmen. As we are coming closer to graduation, there are a lot of different feelings. “I’m excited, but I’m sad at the same time. I’m going to college where none of my friends are going, and I’ll have to meet new people,” said Megan when I asked her about how she felt about graduation getting closer. Megan will be attending Western Technical College in La Crosse. Since she will be going farther away, she said she will miss seeing her classmates every day and making memories with them. 

Nick Edge is also a senior at Potosi. He is involved in many activities including sports and clubs. His favorite moment had to do with his time playing sports at Potosi High School. “Winning back-to-back conference champs in basketball”  was his favorite moment. When you play sports, you make a lot of great memories. A lot of students regret not going out for sports or being involved in clubs, but that is not the case for Nick. He didn’t say that he had any regrets in high school. “I was not a bad kid, I didn’t do stupid things,” was his explanation. Nick is excited to start the next chapter of his life. “[I’m] feeling excited, kinda ready to start a life.” However, leaving high school, Nick will miss seeing his Dad every day, playing sports, seeing Mrs. Brunton, and being in FFA. 

Ben Udelhofen was pretty straightforward with his favorite part of high school: “Being part of sports teams.” Similar to  Nick, he also said he didn’t have any regrets in high school. He did, however, have some advice for underclassmen. “Have fun, but take the actual school part seriously.” He also said that it is important to learn study habits because they pay off. Having good study habits will help you in college, so that is a good thing to learn during high school. I also asked Ben if high school has prepared him for life after high school. “In a way, yeah, it has definitely shown me all of the options and stuff about what I can do as far as schooling, careers, and stuff.” Ben also said that he will miss seeing his classmates every day, and some of the teachers, after he graduates, but he also said that he’s ready to graduate. “I’m looking forward to the day.”

Although I didn’t have the chance to interview everyone in the class of 2020, this is a pretty consistent idea of how the class of 2020 is feeling as they approach graduation and finish out their last months of high school. This class is a very talented, and special class; it will be interesting to see them start the next chapters of their lives.