A new trend has gained traction in Potosi High School. Some students have started to listen to podcasts rather than music. From the pep band playing at sporting events, popular music at school dances, or just students trying to pass the time, music has always been a big part of student life. Will listening to podcasts begin to replace the popular student hobby of listening to music?

You might be thinking, what are podcasts and of what content do they consist? Podcasts aren’t just noise to listen to. Podcasts are a series of digital audio files that a user can download and listen to. They can provide information on sports, politics, or events happening in the world at the moment. They can also provide comedy and entertainment.

Senior Caden Weber said, “I like to listen to podcasts because I don’t have a lot of time to read or look up the news, so I can listen to the news while I am preoccupied. Another thing that I like about podcasts is the convenience to them. You can listen to them anywhere and pick between thousands of them to fit what you’re in the mood for.” A popular way to listen to podcasts is through Spotify. Spotify is an app that contains music and podcasts. It is free to listen to the podcasts and can be easily accessed.

Teachers Mr. Fry and Mr. Lynn also enjoy listening to podcasts. The trend isn’t just among students but is also reaching out to the school staff as well.  Mrs. Siegert has used a podcast website that allows her to record herself giving out information. Podcasts can provide many options on how to communicate with one another. Could this be a new method of spreading information between teachers and their class, for example, when a student or class is not present for school? 

Music will always be part of people’s lives, but don’t be shocked if someone says, “I don’t listen to music; I listen to podcasts.”