2019-20 FFA Officers

In high school, there are so many clubs, and students are constantly being bombarded with all of them. Our school has FFA, FBLA, SADD, Leo & Lions club, student council, art club, anime club, environmental club, and more. All of these clubs are great organizations that are for good causes. Not every student is a member of a club but there are many students who are in multiple clubs, and hold leadership positions in many of these clubs. 

Everyone wants to have a place in high school to fit in. These clubs tend to be that place for some students; they can do things that they enjoy, help others, and be with friends. Clubs can be a really great experience for many students, serve as great resume builders for college or future careers, and give them the tools they need to succeed in life. 

Senior Avarie Breitsprecker is an active member in FFA as co-vice president, FBLA as the secretary, SADD, and the Environmental Club. Junior Lilly Post is a member of the Spanish Club, FFA, NHS, and Environmental Club. She adds, “I am also thinking about joining FBLA.” Although she is not an officer in any of these clubs, her role is important. After all, a club is made up of a variety of students who are willing to dedicate their time for the cause of the club. 

Senior Chloe Groom is a member of FBLA, FFA, FCA, SADD, and the Environmental Club, and the President of NHS. “I would encourage other students to join, or to get more involved,” she explained. “For two to three years, the clubs have made me get more out there.” Before her freshman year of high school, Chloe was homeschooled, and being involved in clubs, “helped me get used to school, and also help out more with other stuff.”

Being a member of a club and being active in the club are two different things. Having the title of being in the environmental club and actually participating in the different activities that the club does, show more of how dedicated you are to the club. The clubs, “can be a lot of fun and can help you give back to your community,” said Lilly. Avarie believes that, “everyone should join a club; it helps you become more involved in your school/community.”

You don’t often hear of someone who regrets joining a high school club. “I would have to say that being in the clubs has been a very pleasant experience in my high school career. I’m very glad I joined,” said Lilly. Janna Johnson, a two-year member of NHS and three-year member of  FBLA, also agreed that being in the clubs during high school has been a pleasant experience and she would highly recommend that students be active in at least one club during school. Janna has, “run the food drive for NHS, and I help with the donut sales for FBLA.” 

Being a part of these clubs can open you to new experiences and new ideas. So what could the harm be in joining just one club? You might enjoy it.