Hunting is a big part of people's lives in our area. Many people have different types of hunting that they prefer to do, some people don't hunt in my interviews. I asked some people who don't hunt why they don't and what animals they would want to hunt if they did go.

Preston said that he likes coyote hunting the best because it takes a certain skill to be able to know what kind of calls to use and what the prey animal sounds like that will lure the coyote in, he said it is very challenging because you have to try to call in an animal that usually looks for food at night in broad daylight. Hunting coyotes is a good thing because it helps manage the predator population but also aids in the deer and other game animal populations because coyotes are very destructive to the game animal population. Preston said in the interview that he also hunts almost every other animal in the area, he enjoys hunting because he finds peace in being outdoors and the adrenaline rush of the pursuit of the hunt is unreal.

Cooper said that his favorite kind of animals to hunt are turkeys and rabbits, these are challenging animals to hunt because both animals are very smart and it takes a certain skill to hunt them, especially turkeys. He enjoys hunting these animals, it was action-packed and it gives him a lot of adrenaline. Cooper also hunts Squirrels, deer, coyotes, and bears.  He hunts because I've been doing it for as long as I can remember and it has been passed down through my family and it's a good way to stay in shape.

Sam said he likes to hunt whitetail deer the best. He likes hunting deer because it's more than just killing a deer it takes hours of sitting and waiting, the reward of killing a big buck is a huge confidence builder these animals are challenging to hunt because patients are the biggest part you also need to be able to be quiet walking in and out of the woods and have the ability to shoot straight. Sam also said I think they are very cool animals and they are very smart so it's an added challenge to hunt them. When asked what other animals he hunts and why he said “I think they are very cool animals and they are very smart so it's an added challenge to hunt them”

An added perspective is the responses from Willie U; he doesn't hunt but wants to. When asked why he doesn't hunt he said “I wanted to go when I was younger but I never had the opportunity to go and as the years went on I still haven't had the chance to go”. Willie isn't against hunting that's not the reason, he like many other people who hunt just doesn't have the chance or the time to go. He said I would want to hunt deer because I always see people deer hunting and think it seems fun, and the meat is also very good When asked if he did hunt what animal he would want to hunt and why.

Hunting is a big part of people's lives and has been passed down through generations and has been a family tradition for many families in our area and is still a big part of families today.