Outdoor Education is a traditional trip every year where 6th graders get to go to Wyalusing State Park and stay for three days and two nights. Jason Edge who has been in charge of it for 7 years believes it has been going on for over 35 years. Kids get to do many outdoor activities that aren’t necessarily done always. Things such as orienteering and learning to build a fire and a tent. Hiking in nature, and fishing were other activities. According to Mr. Edge, the activities that draw the most interest are rappelling and archery just because it is something new.

Wyalusing couldn’t be done without the handful of seniors that sign up to be a counselor for the 6th graders. The responsibilities of a counselor are making sure your group members are all there and then things such as putting them to bed, hiking and fishing with them, making sure everyone showers, etc. This year there are six boy seniors and six girl seniors. 

Logan Kruser is a senior counselor this year and is looking forward to hanging out with counselors and leading the kids with activities. It is a good time and good experience to help the kids out and to teach them. Write a letter of interest and sent a resume.

Preston Steiner heard there’ll be more hiking this year, but overall it is the same as when our class went through. Pointing 6th graders in the right path is something he is looking forward to. Preston is looking forward to hanging out with counselors and spending time outdoors with the kids. Preston signed up for this to be out of school for some days, and to be a good influence for the 6th graders for a couple of days. 

Outdoor Education is a great opportunity for 6th graders to try new things, learn new things, and make a memory with their friends.