Teachers have a lot on their plates, from creating lesson plans to grading assignments and managing a classroom full of students. That’s why having a student helper, known at Potosi as a "tutor", can be a great asset to any teacher. A student helper can assist a teacher with tasks both inside and outside the classroom, making it easier for the teacher to focus on his or her core responsibilities. Here are some of the benefits of teachers having a student helper here in Potosi.

A student helper can take on some of the less critical tasks teachers have to deal with, such as organizing classroom materials or grading papers. “Some of my favorite tasks are helping the kids read and write,” said Malia Weber. By having someone else take on these tasks, the teacher can focus on more pressing matters, such as preparing for upcoming lessons and engaging with students. The result is a more productive teacher who is better able to manage his or her workload.

With a student helper in the classroom, the teacher can provide more personalized attention to individual students. This can include working one-on-one with students who are struggling with certain topics, or simply keeping an eye on students who may be falling behind. This personalized attention can make a big difference in the success of students and overall classroom morale.

Having a student helper in the classroom can also increase student engagement. In addition to providing personalized attention, the helper can also lead small group discussions, offer additional explanations of topics covered in class, or even create interactive games to reinforce concepts. “I think its easier for them to understand things sometimes from how I explain it since I'm closer in age,” said Brayden Hutchcroft. This can make the learning process more engaging, helping students better grasp concepts and stay interested in the material.

Student helpers can also provide additional support for students who may be struggling with issues outside the classroom. For example, the helper may provide emotional support to students who are dealing with difficult situations at home, or simply be a friendly face and listening ear for students who need someone to talk to. This added support can make a big difference in students' lives, giving them the tools they need to succeed academically and personally. 

Senior Sam Udelhofen helps out in the office, and the difference he feels is, “It's something new every day whether I’m packaging letters or doing stats for Mr.Uppena, it’s just fun and useful skills that I can use later on in life.”

Our teachers having a student helper can provide a number of benefits to teachers and students alike, from increased productivity and personalized attention to improved student engagement and additional support for students. By taking on some of the less critical tasks that teachers have to deal with, student helpers can make it easier for teachers to focus on their core responsibilities, ultimately leading to a more effective and successful learning environment. Ever since this has been added It is safe to say that it has helped make Potosi a community of character.