Work release programs at Potosi High School have been generating significant buzz, with students and administrators alike touting their benefits. Students such as those in their junior and senior years are seeing the advantage of joining the program.

I’ve been in the work experience program since second semester of my junior year. I’ve been able to work on my grandpa’s farm which has involved working with cattle, planting crops, and harvesting crops. I’ve also done a lot of fencing and grass mowing, and believe the work release program is beneficial. I've been participating since my second semester of junior year, and the monetary benefits are quite apparent.

The program, run by Mrs. Brunton has specific requirements. She explains, "To qualify for work experience, students need to take the work experience class, have a secured job placement, and must be able to clock in 450 work in both the junior and senior year." Since Mrs. Brunton has taken over the program and there has been a surge in participation. We're expecting 7-10 students each year now, and a few years ago only 2-3 students would participate."

Several students, like Brayden Hutchcroft, a senior at Potosi, are experiencing the benefits of work release firsthand. Brayden, who works at the Potosi Saloon, says, "I appreciate the opportunity to leave school early to earn money."

Brayden Edge sees working as a more valuable use of his time. "I'm working at my family's e-commerce morel business where I package and ship morel mushrooms all around the world,” says Edge.

Another senior, Liam Allison, has been part of the work release program since the start of his junior year. He says it provides a more direct path to his career. "Instead of traditional learning, I'm gaining hands-on experience at the Kunes shop, working on vehicles," shares Liam. He also works on his own vehicles, aiming to restore them and sell them for a profit. He attributes much of his success to the work release program, stating, "I wouldn't be where I am now without it. If you want a head start, I would recommend work experience."