Ethan Kerkhoff pitching

Playing sports has always been a very competitive pursuit for Potosi senior Ethan “Big E” Kerkhoff. He has played football, basketball, and baseball throughout middle and high school, but he has always had a deeper passion towards baseball. 

Ethan’s baseball journey began when he was just three years old playing catch with his father in the yard. As he grew up, he started advancing, whether it was to t-ball or to coach-pitch until he was old enough to start playing real ball. His favorite position has always been pitcher. “I just love the adrenaline of striking someone out, and it feels really good that I am putting my team in a good position to win that way.” 

Ethan said, “I had so much fun playing for my school; I just wanted to branch out and try something new with more challenge.” It was at ten years old when Ethan decided to try traveling league for the first time with his new team, the Sluggers, based out of Cuba City. It was with this organization that he really progressed. He only stayed playing with this team for two years until he pursued playing at higher levels. At twelve years old, Ethan wanted a little bit more of a change and challenge, so he joined the Dusty Rodgers Baseball Academy, which is based out of Dubuque. It was here where everything really fell into place when it came to Ethan’s baseball talents with a combination of the trainers and coaches and his passion and work ethic.

Going into his junior year of baseball, Ethan knew he really wanted to step up for his team and try everything in his power to take them for a ride through playoffs, but sadly his junior season ended after a tough loss to Seneca 12-1 in the regional semi-finals. With this bad came some good though as Ethan earned first-team all-conference infielder as well as honorable mention on The Telegraph Herald’s all-area team . ;

With all of Ethan’s hard work comes recognition from coaches and players all around the area, which is why he has earned himself a shot at playing baseball at the collegiate level not too far away from his hometown at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. There Ethan plans on majoring in Wildlife Conservation.

Until then Ethan has his eyes on the prize going into his senior season with a chip on his shoulder from last year’s loss in playoffs. He is hoping to go as far as possible by doing whatever it takes to make it to state. Can the PC baseball team make it this year? “Anything is possible,” Kerkhoff says.