National Honor Society is a really big deal here at Potosi High School. National Honor Society is a club in which you have to have at least a 3.75 grade point average and you have to write an essay of at least 500 words, which teachers then review and pick kids they feel are qualified for admittance. Many students aim to be able to be inducted into the National Honor Society and there are many different reasons for that. 

National Honor Society is an organization based upon character and who are dedicated to being successful in school. There are many different things that the NHS does here at Potosi High School. NHS member Logan Kruser says “We put together a food drive around Christmas and Thanksgiving, we write cards for the residents at the nursing home, and we did an Easter egg hunt for the elementary last year.”

There are many different skills that you gain just from being in National Honor Society. Some of the benefits of being in NHS are learning what it is like to be a leader and what it takes to be a good leader. NHS Advisor Mr. Lynn says “ It's a great way of showing colleges and your peers that you can be a leader.” Leading a group of people such as a team or your co-workers will help you be very successful in life. Mr. Lynn also adds, “Knowing there are students who will go the extra mile to be a positive role model in the community is a great benefit.”

Many kids do not realize how important it is to do community service and volunteer work, along with having good character and leadership. That's why the NHS is so important for those kids who are going above and beyond to get that recognition. NHS is a really hard organization to get into and they make it really special by having an induction ceremony. NHS member Sydney Recker says “I have always been a 4.0 student.” This shows how dedicated students are to doing well in school. 

National Honor Society is found in all 50 states and many different schools around the world. The organization has been all about students’ achievements for the past 100 years, but it is not just about their grades. There are four different pillars that the NHS wants schools to consider when they are choosing students to be inducted. Those four pillars are scholarship, service, leadership, and character according to National Honor Society’s website.

There are many characteristics that an NHS member would have that are going to carry over once they leave high school. The ability to be able to lead a group of people, to stand up and make a point in front of a group, and to be a high-character person. Sydney Recker says “I think that I’ll be able to do more outreach in the community.”