Many people typically find themselves cooped up in the winter due to the frigid temperatures and icy conditions. However, that is not entirely true for fishermen, as many fishermen take advantage of this opportunity. When the temperature begins to drop below freezing and the ice starts to form those are prime conditions for ice fishermen. 

Ethan Kerkhoff, a senior at Potosi High School spends the majority of his free time in the winter out on the ice. Kerkhoff got into ice fishing by going out with classmate Preston Steiner, and realized he enjoyed it; now Kerkhoff goes ice fishing every weekend. Kerkhoff prefers ice fishing over regular fishing because he can get access to all the spots without a boat, which is something Kerkhoff doesn’t have. Kerkhoff said, “ I won’t reveal my favorite spot, but it’s located somewhere on the way to Cassville.”

Cooper Emler, another senior at Potosi High School spends a small fraction of his free time out on the ice. Emler got into ice fishing at a young age, by figuring out he can still go fishing even on the ice, thus developing his liking of ice fishing. To this day Emler still prefers ice fishing over regular fishing. He says,” It’s cheaper because you don’t have to buy as much fishing gear and equipment”. When ice fishing you don’t need a boat and gasoline to run the boat, both of which are expenses that add up quickly. Typically on his ice fishing trip, Emler brings a sled, an auger, a fishing pole, bait, some tackle, and occasionally a tent. Although there is still a fairly significant equipment cost, it is still cheaper than buying and maintaining a boat. Emler agreed with Kerkhoff and said, “A good fisherman never reveals his secrets, but my favorite spot is located somewhere along the Mississippi River in Pool 10.”

Brayden Hutchcroft, a senior at Potosi High School, also enjoys ice fishing and goes about once or twice a week. Hutchcroft got into ice fishing by going out with his family, but mainly his dad. Hutchcroft, unlike the others, prefers regular fishing, and said, “I don’t like being cold and I find it easier to get access to more spots with my boat in the summer.” Although regular fishing is more expensive, Hutchcroft definitely thinks it’s worth it. To get the best fishing experience, Hutchcroft recommends purchasing a boat and buying high-end poles and lures. Hutchcroft doesn’t necessarily have a favorite spot to fish but he really likes going to either Black Hawk or Burtom. 

Ice fishing is a hobby that people of all ages can take up and enjoy. Emler, Kerkhoff, and Hutchcroft all highly recommend ice fishing to everyone as it is a good experience. Whether you prefer ice fishing or regular fishing, which is totally a personal preference, they are both great options. Either form of fishing gets you outside in the fresh air, which is always a plus.