Located in Potosi, Wisconsin, by the St. Thomas Church, is the Badger Hut Trail. The Badger Hut Trail is a quarter-mile loop built in 1850 by the people mining lead ore in the summers. Mr. Eastlick says, “The trail is on private property, which is owned by the Strakas. It is open to the public and they do not make any money off of people using the trial. The only time it is closed is during deer hunting.”

There are quite a few informational signs along the trial. There are also a few papers that you'll see that show the species of wildlife you might see in that area. The trail used to be maintained by the Potosi Historical Society, but now it’s maintained by Mr. Eastlick and the Environmental Club. Mr. Eastlick says, “Jackie Brandt, a member of the Potosi Historical Society, asked for help during my first year here as a teacher, and I thought this would be a good opportunity for my club to help our community. It benefits the community because they have access to a historical trail, and its history and nature. It benefits my club because they learn the importance of participating in their community, they learn about the badger huts, and they can experience nature.”

 The trail is important to the school and the community because it’s a piece of the town's history.  Mr. Eastlick says, “it is important for the community to be active in keeping it alive. It's historical… the first miners lived in these badger huts and this is one of the few places left in Wisconsin where you can see one. We should do our best to remember our heritage and pass it along to future generations.” It is also important to the community because it will attract people and tourists to Potosi.

Mr. Eastlick's involvement in the trail includes “helping with the upkeep of the trail”. He made a new sign that tells the history of the trail and “made it cooler” with wildlife information like the types of birds people will see while walking down the trail. The trail has become an important part of the environmental club and Mr. Eastlick plans to keep working on the trail for the years to come.