A big element of Potosi High School, like any school, is athletics. Here at Potosi, we are lucky enough to have the dedicated and passionate coaches we have. I sat down with some of the veteran coaches at Potosi.

Mike Uppena is the Varsity Boys' Basketball coach for Potosi and has been since 2002. He originally began coaching here in the fall of 1995 when he took over the boys' JV team, then of course moved on to the varsity, where he has clearly left his mark on the Potosi program. He enjoyed coaching a basketball camp at UWP while playing there, and that inspired him to move on to a coaching career. In his time playing college basketball at UWP, he was a part of the National Champion team in 1995. As a head coach, he is nearing 300 career wins. Along with all of that coaching experience, he is also busy as the K-12 principal at Potosi.

Mark Siegert is the Head Football Coach for Potosi and has been for 26 years. Growing up, he was the oldest of seven siblings. He enjoyed helping them get better and believed that’s where it all started. He had previous coaching experience at four different schools. When the Potosi job opened up, he decided to come here to be closer to home. Siegert graduated from Belmont in 1988. Coach Siegert really just enjoys the whole process of football, from the weight room, to practices, to putting it all together to be the best you can be on the field under the Friday night lights. Working with kids is something Siegert likes to do. He has been able to do it this long because “ The feeling it gives me, seeing people succeed and have a great experience is something that makes me want to keep going.” Giving them the most memorable experience they can have since they won’t ever do it again is one of his favorite parts. 

Tony Leibfried is the head baseball coach for the combined Potosi/Cassville team. He is also an assistant coach for the Potosi basketball team. Leibfried went to high school here in Potosi and was a part of the baseball team. Growing up, sports was something he had much interest in, which led him to his physical education degree from UW-LaCrosse. While in college he was able to coach some middle school football and basketball teams to start building his coaching resume. Tony currently has experience at multiple places in baseball, basketball, football, and even track. He has been a part of the Potosi/Cassville baseball team for five years, and Potosi Football for seven years prior to the co-op, then six years since. He has also been part of the Potosi Boys Basketball program for 15 years. Leibfried enjoys being around the guys and being able to enjoy them growing as not only players but people. It is hard to pick a single memory over the three sports he coaches, but he has many memories that he cherishes. His most recent one is the Potosi/Cassville Baseball Six Rivers Conference Championship earned in 2021, in the season where Leibfried was named Six Rivers Conference Coach of the Year. 

It is safe to say that all of these coaches have played a very significant role at Potosi High School for many years. They have helped many students grow not only athletically, but also as people.