Operational Referendum - April 2nd, 2024

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As we move closer to the Operational Referendum question on the April 2nd ballot, we invite you to view this short video for an explanation of how public school funding in Wisconsin is determined.

Thanks to the Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials (WASBO) for this video.

Click on the button below to see a sample of the questions asked (with answers) during the Informational Meeting held on February 29, 2024.

On Thursday, February 29th, we had 30 people attend an informational meeting about our upcoming Operational Referendum. While we were unable to record the meeting, if you were unable to attend, please click on the button below to see the slides from the presentation.

Informational Meeting Reminder

With recent reports in the local newspapers, there has been some confusion on a Capital Referendum (where building projects can be done) versus an Operational Referendum (like we are running on April 2nd). The linked video attempts to explain the two types.

This is what the question will look like on the April 2nd ballot.

Referendum Question