Educational Philosophy

Education in the School District of Potosi should be a unified and continuous program, serving and expressing the desire of the community for quality education for all students.

Therefore, all students should have opportunities to grow through student centered activities that emphasize the mental, emotional, behavioral, social, cultural, technological and physical aspects of living and learning.

All students should have opportunities to understand and appreciate American democratic principles.

All students should have the opportunities to achieve in environments most conducive to individual learning styles.

All students should have opportunities to develop and express their talents and abilities in versified ways-to acquire, express, question, organize and apply knowledge.

All students should have opportunities to explore career possibilities.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create an educational program of excellence that is acknowledged for the quality of its staff, the accomplishments of its alumni, and its nurturing learning environment while providing a perse range of opportunities. School and community cooperation will result in education being seen as a priority, will acknowledge student achievements, and will prepare each student to take an active role in their communities.